Carina Original Collage by Deco
Artist: Deco
Category: Fine Art
Sub-Category: Original Paper Collage
Style: Painterly
Medium: Cut Paper Collage
Size: 29" x 22"
Price: $2,500
Shipping: $75
% to Charity: 30%

Details: Based on a an image from the Hubble telescope of star birth clouds
and fading stars in the Carina Nebula, this Original Collage was created using
the collage technique that I developed over decades to commemorate the
passing of a dear friend. This piece has the look of a painted abstract but is
really an accurate collage depiction.  The collage is framed and matted using
archival materials including UV-protective Museum Glass.

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About This Artist 
Deco magically transforms bits of paper into stunning, dimensional collages.  She's a world traveler and hiker. Although originally from Chicago, Deco moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she is regularly inspired by the color-drenched scenes.  Learn more about Deco.