Artist: Josephine Lai
Category: Clay/Pottery, Sculpture
Medium: Clay
Size: 10" wide x 13" high
Price: $150
Shipping: $40
% to Charity: 30%

Details: Hand-built and painted porcelain vase with detachable stopper.

The full moon is a symbol of unity in the Chinese culture, full of legends and myths, subject of poems and songs. While legend has it that the hare lives on the moon, it is easier to imagine the spirited creature flying over the desert on a spectacular moonlit night.
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About This Artist 
Josephine Lai grew up in Hong Kong and studied in London. She came to the United States for a career in the biosciences, and eventually joined the University of Arizona College of Medicine. She lives in Tucson and loves the Southwest for its landscape, history and cultural heritage. Learn more about Josephine.