Our dream is to help fundraising for nonprofits by creating online art stores


Dear Art Lovers and Soon-To-Be-Art-Lovers,  
My name is Katharine Coles and I’m the founder of the Art of Giving Art. Creating this was truly a labor of love and I’m thrilled to be sharing this with YOU.
Having worked with nonprofits for nearly 20 years, I kept thinking there has to be a better way for nonprofits to fundraise. Something that raises more money, without being expensive or burning out volunteers (think: casino night, golf tourney, etc.)
On another note, back in the day, I started out my career with a degree in marketing and the dream of selling the work of artists and artisans. While my actual path took a detour, it remained a dream of mine.
So, now, many years later ... the Art of Giving Art was hatched! An online, plug-and-play, no-cost fundraising program for nonprofits (and for businesses that want to donate the proceeds) that sells the work of locally sourced and curated artists and artisans from near and far. I especially love that we’re helping local artists – that don’t have big gallery representation – get their work out to the public.
Visit our Gallery and take a look at the wonderful items we currently have for sale. All are direct from the artist producing the work and many items are originals.
Please support these artists and artisans because each and every one of them has committed to generously donating a portion of the sale to our enrolled nonprofits.
And, also, please support these nonprofits because they are all out there doing the hard work of making this a better place for us all to live and love.
Peace, love and art,