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The Louvre and Being Creative

Crazy Special Art Events at the Louvre

It sometimes feels like established art is as much stodgy, as it is creative. But kudos to the Louvre - the world's largest art museum - for constantly being creative. The Louvre has played host to some cutting-edge scenarios exposing millions to the Louvre and, by the way, helping boost attendance. Take a look:


In 2016, through the use of black and white photography - artist J.M. made the Louvre "disappear". How did the magic happen? Through an optical illusion which involved plastering 700 black & white photos of the palace onto the pyramid. The resulting effect was it appeared to onlookers as if the pyramid was gone! Read more here.

the louvre_photography_louvre disappears       
 Courtesy Gallerie Perrotin

Beyonce and Jay-Z 

Things at the Louvre really got outrageous in 2018 when "The Carters" turned the Louvre into a backdrop for their music video. Set against some of the most renowned art in the world, including the Mona Lisa, there was definitely a juxtaposition between stodgy and creative. One does wonder, though, if this means The Carters believe their work ranks equal with the likes of da Vinci. See the video.


2019 saw the return of JR, the French Street Artist and Photographer. This time, JR created an installation that lasted only several hours. Using 2000 strips of paper, 400 volunteers and 4 days, the pyramid of the Louvre was transformed to being surrounded by solid ground to being in the center of a large ravine. Don't disparage the hundreds of tourists that "destroyed" it, they weren't warned to stay clear and close up couldn't tell what all the individual scraps of paper created. View the installation.

The Lourve_JR art installation

Want to learn more about the artist JR? Read more here.


Last but not least - and this one really blows our minds - the Louvre partnered with AirBNB creating a contest for one lucky winner to eat and sleep IN the Louvre. The area around the Mona Lisa is turned into a living room with drinks, the pyramid is transformed into a bedroom, and the area around the Venus of Milo becomes your dining room with personal chef. Take a peek.


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