FAQs For Nonprofits


How much will my store cost?
Your Art of Giving Art fundraising store is absolutely free for nonprofits! Additionally, we provide promo materials to you to help you promote your store.

What criteria does our organization need to meet to be eligible for the Art of Giving Art?
To qualify for inclusion in our program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in good standing
  2. Complete the AOGA application form and agree to our terms of service
  3. Have a website
  4. Provide us with access to your website to create a page where we will embed the eStore code (similar to how you embed code, for example, for a YouTube video).

How do we receive our donations?
When someone purchases an item from your store, the artist mails the product directly to the purchaser. Once the purchaser receives what they ordered, we send the donated amount to you on behalf of the artist (via electronic check). Remember: Art of Giving Art is NOT giving you the donation; the donation is being made by the artist.
Can we post to our AOGA store ourselves?
Since we manage the stores, the products are managed from our administrative site (i.e., we don't go into YOUR site to change things, we go into our admin site). Thus, it's not possible for you to add them yourselves.