Artist: Mike Jenkins
Category: Drawing
Style: Caricature
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: Custom
Price: $150
Shipping: $25
% to Charity: 30%

Details: Custom Caricature. A special gift they will always remember! Price includes one person including one trait or hobby: your favorite man playing baseball, your best friend that loves cats, or a parent that is a master chef. Mike will creatively illustrate any request!
Product Availability: per agreement with artist.


About This Artist 
Mike Jenkins is committed to creating personalized art - including caricatures, murals, cartoons, illustrations and more - incorporating details, current events and the images of your life that make each piece a memory instead of just a drawing. Mike demonstrates an organic, humorous approach to artwork which is rarely captured in an art world filled with technical expressions of color, line, and form. Learn more about Mike.