Nonprofits get your own philanthropic fundraising art store


Fundraising to support your mission

Are you a nonprofit looking for a better way to fundraise?

In the ongoing search for fundraising ideas to help you support your mission, hosting an Art of Giving Art store on your nonprofit’s website won’t cost you anything – and we do all the work!

All nonprofits are eligible to apply for this free fundraising, plug-and-play eStore full of art and artisan products. You get up to 30% of the retail price of each sale – one of the most generous retail programs out there!

Here are a few of the many benefits:
  • Your own online art gallery on your current website
  • Original art work and curated artisan crafts for sale directly from your website
  • A portion of each sale goes directly to your nonprofit
  • Appeal to constituents you may not be reaching yet
  • Your art-loving constituents make purchases that directly support your mission
  • Constantly changing inventory keeps constituents coming back
  • Free online marketing campaigns featuring your nonprofit, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Free nonprofit listing on the AOGA website, linking directly to your AOGA store
  • Free marketing materials to help you promote your store (postcard template, flyer template, etc.)*
  • A better option and more fair to artists that want to help your nonprofit (Read more on why this is better than the artist donating directly
*Other promotional and customized/branded materials are available for an additional charge.

A donation with every sale!
  • For each sale in your eStore, you receive up to 30% of the retail price (exclusive of shipping and handling charges) as a direct donation from the artist/artisan of the product sold. 

You focus on your mission; we do the work!
  • AOGA embeds and maintains the store on your website for you
  • AOGA keeps the store stocked with art from artists and artisans, including fine arts, jewelry, clay work and more
  • Products sent directly from each artist - no risk of counterfeit or fake products/reproductions
  • Your website security is intact! The eStore will not affect the rest of your website in any way.

Sample store:

Check out one of our AOGA stores: Art of Giving Art eStore (coming soon!)