Aphrodite Rabbit Madness Urban Aboriginal
Alyse Hart
Rabbit Madness
Alyse Hart
Urban Aboriginal
Alyse Hart

Alyse Hart, Painter


Fun Facts

Where you live:  Woodland Hills, CA
Media you work in:  Acrylic, water, charcoal, mixed media and up-cycling pieces
Favorite work you've done: Electric Angel
Your favorite artist: So many--- I always smile from Peter Max paintings

Artist Statement

I have been an expressive movement dancer for 20 years; anything goes, move as you feel, feel as you move. Many members of my dance troupe were creative and painted. After attending a crown making workshop, I thought it wasn't for me. Then I thought, if I could paint like we dance, I would. Next, I was invited to a zero point art class and I went. It was torture for me. I was blank and stuck; I even threw up. I kept going and never looked at the images until two years later and then realized that I liked them. So I continued by myself to see what would pour out.

Artist Bio
Alyse Hart’s art is original, vibrant, abstract, contemporary, uplifting “happy art.” She combines watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, pencil and crayon on canvas and paper. Her improvisational style of painting reveals elements of surprise. Painting without a plan -- with the single directive to be more carefree -- keeps her challenging herself to relax and lighten up. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, it’s about being true to the feeling and the impulse. “I know I am in the zone when I obey my “nutty” impulses and allow the painting to direct me to what wants to be revealed. I’ve learned to listen to myself more and be less judgmental all around.”

A self-taught artist based in Woodland Hills CA, she spent many years as an executive in the corporate world. After 20+ years she stumbled upon a free-form art class. It lit a fuse and became the catalyst to a new vision of herself and art. "In essence, Art should rejuvenate the soul. It should uplift the heart and bring peace to the mind. If you can hold a pencil, draw a straight or curved line—you can create art. It is a fun pathway to enjoyment that I like to share."

The Hidden Artist: Alyse Hart